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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Collaboration between Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University and Langston University seeks to boost crop yields to feed a growing world population

Dr. Stephen Welch, KSU; Dr. Phillip Alderman, OSU; Dr. Franklin Fondjo Fotou, LU
Stephen Welch, professor of agronomy at Kansas State University (KSU), Phillip Alderman, assistant professor of agronomy at Oklahoma State University (OSU), and Franklin Fondjo Fotou, assistant professor and chair of the department of technology at Langston University (LU) in Langston OK, have received a RII Track-2 FEC NSF EPSCoR four-year, $4 million award.  The project, titled Building Field-Based Ecophysiological Genome-to-Phenome Prediction will study methods to improve crop yields, crop breeding programs, and in-field management using wheat as the example crop. The team plans to develop computer models and supporting data systems that combine crop physiology and genetics with actual environmental measurements such as canopy temperatures, soil profiles, and development phases.  They will use the new computer models and data systems to predict how wheat will perform in different environments. In addition, these models and data systems will be used to predict crop traits as well as provide insight for on-farm crop management and food security.  

For more information about the award go to:  RII Track -2 FEC EPSCoR OIA - 1826820